Existential Psychotherapy

Existential Psychotherapy is a grand-sounding name for a straightforward set of ideas

That we are a unique, individual bit of being, a creative centre of perception and action in the universe.

That we all have our own unique lens through which we relate to and understand the world.

That this lens is always being re-shaped by the things we encounter and the choices we make in respect of them.

That these choices are, nonetheless, made within limits over which we have no control: when, where and to whom we were born; the will of other people; our finite cognitive capacities; change, ageing, sickness and death.

Consequently, Existential Therapy offers to provides a relationship that gives one the chance to put everything on the table, encounter the lens that we use make sense of the world and understand its contribution to the dilemmas we currently experience. Paradoxically, when we know ourselves better, we are better able to make changes.